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The liver pathology service, headed by Jay H. Lefkowitch, M.D., provides diagnostic information on liver biopsies obtained from individuals with many types of liver disease, including chronic viral hepatitis B and C, autoimmune hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver and pediatric liver disorders, diseases of the bile ducts and liver tumors. Other specimens evaluated include post-liver transplantation biopsies, explanted (native) livers removed at the time of transplantation and postmortem liver.

The liver is a critical organ involved in lipid metabolism, breakdown of waste products, drug detoxification and in the synthesis of a wide variety of substances, including coagulation factors used in blood clotting. The liver pathologist's diagnosis is therefore of major importance in determining the cause of liver disease and in instituting appropriate therapy.

The liver service pathologists include Dr. Lefkowitch, M.D., and Dr. Helen Remotti, M.D. Liver specimens reviewed are from patients at the Columbia University Medical Center and its affiliate hospitals as well as many national and international consultation cases.

Our department routinely performs a panel of special stains on liver tissue in order to provide a comprehensive evaluation. A spectrum of immunohistochemical stains as well as electron microscopy are available for special diagnostic problems.

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