Graduate Doctoral Programs

Degree Programs

For the MA

Only candidates for the Ph.D. are admitted. The department does not have a terminal Master’s degree program. The MA degree is a prerequisite for the M Phil and PhD degrees. The MA degree requires successful completion of two residence units (one year) and thirty credits. Laboratory rotations and the qualifying examination must be completed.

For the Master of Philosophy Degree

Students obtain an M. Phil degree following the completion of the MA degree plus four additional residence units and continued participation in departmental seminars and research. Students must also pass their qualifying examination which is given at the end of the second year. By this time a student should also have chosen a research problem and should have some preliminary results that will form the basis of a thesis proposal.

The qualifying examination serves as a focus for an oral examination whose purpose is to determine whether or not the student is qualified to pursue research. Successful completion of this step entitles the student to the M. Phil. degree.

This examination consists of two parts:

  1. A written proposal of intended thesis research.
  2. A scholarly essay reviewing a research topic unrelated to the proposed thesis research.

During the examination, students present one 15–20 minute lecture and field questions on each topic. This qualifying examination must be completed on or before the end of the fifth semester of a student's tenure in the graduate program.

For the PhD

After successful completion of the qualifying examination, the student’s research efforts will focus on completion of thesis research. A thesis committee, selected by the student and advisor, will meet yearly with the student to evaluate progress and guide the research. After completion of thesis research, the student must prepare and defend a dissertation. Students should count on 4–6 years to complete all of the requirements.


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