Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship


The Department of Pathology and Cell Biology offers a one or two year fellowship in basic molecular biological techniques and their diagnostic application in surgical pathology, hematopathology, and Genetics.  The program provides both comprehensive, hands-on bench training and an in-depth theoretical understanding of molecular biologic procedures that are useful in modern pathology and genetic diagnosis.  The fellows gain experience in analysis of nucleic acids, including Southern Blotting, PCR-RFLP, Sanger Sequencing, high throughput genotyping, constitutional and cancer microarrays, next generation sequencing, tumor FISH, as well as clinical genetics �? including pediatrics, cancer genetics, neurogenetics, mitochondrial genetics, and movement disorders. Fellows gain hands on experience in performing clinical assays, evaluating and interpreting test results, participating in quality assurance activities of the laboratory, and validating new assays. Fellows participate in multiple conferences, including the Chief of Service conference, Clinical Genetics Conferences, the Hematpathology/DNA/Cytogenetics Rounds, Tumor Board, Surgical Pathology Case Conference and attend didactic lectures in Surgical Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Clinical Genetics, and Personalized Genomic Medicine, in addition to the opportunity to attend the numerous research conferences every week in the Medical Center. Fellows are also encouraged to participate in clinically oriented research projects. Fellows with a strong research background may work towards a potential project for a second, research year under one of the many independent researchers in the department.   



Administration Contact

  • Ms. Casey Schadie
  • Coordinator, Residency Training Program
  • Department of
    Pathology & Cell Biology

    Columbia University College of
    Physicians & Surgeons

    630 W. 168th Street
    New York, NY 10032
  • Tel: 212 305-5697

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