Pathology Moonlighting Policy


Subject: Moonlighting
Moonlighting is defined as professional and patient care activities that are external to the educational program. Moonlighting activities whether occurring within or outside NYPH, may be inconsistent with requirements for sufficient time for rest and restoration to promote the educational experience and safe patient care. Housestaff members (residents/fellows) are never required to engage in moonlighting.

The Department of Pathology does permit moonlighting.

The signed permission of the Chairman of the Department of Pathology and of the Program Director is required (see attached request/consent sheet). Written permission must be granted each year.

At all times, the program director will monitor any housestaff members engaging in any form of moonlighting to ensure that their performance is not adversely effected. The program director may withdraw permission for housestaff moonlighting at any time.

A housestaff member must submit an official request for moonlighting form (supplied by the GME Office) to the program director. This request, if approved, will be maintained in the housestaff member’s credential file. Housestaff members are advised that the professional liability coverage extended through their program may apply to moonlighting within NYPH, but NOT to moonlighting outside the institution.

A housestaff member must have a full and unrestricted New York State medical license to moonlight.

Moonlighting activities are to be counted as part of each housestaff physician’s work hours, which must not exceed the eighty-hour work limit. The housestaff physician must give an accurate accounting of the moonlighting hours to the program director; the program director is responsible for monitoring all work hours.

This policy applies to ACGME accredited programs.

Moonlighting Request Form (PDF)
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