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The Clinical Laboratory Service at NYP/Columbia is happy to announce that on 11/8/2015 the present Core Laboratory on PH-3 will be replaced with a new Automated Laboratory on the third floor of the Harkness Building.            More ...

The clinical programs of the Department offer advanced services in all subspecialties of anatomic, clinical, surgical, and molecular pathology. Our faculty members have authored numerous textbooks and scientific papers. The Department has had distinguished residency and fellowship programs since 1892 and teaching residents, medical students, and Ph.D students remains an important commitment.

The research programs of the Department span basic, translational, and clinical areas. The Department is home to more than 60 research faculty members, 100 postdoctoral fellows and 50 Ph.D. candidates. In 2012 we ranked 5th among Pathology Departments in the United States in our NIH research support and our graduate program in Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine is one of the most active in the country.

While there is a range of research interests, there are concentrations in neurodegenerative diseases, stem cell biology, and cancer biology (See Associated Research Centers). Our basic science faculty members concentrate on cell biology and have made major contributions to basic mechanisms of cell division, cell migration, axonal transport, renal development and other areas.


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