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Cardiac Pathology

The department has extensive experience in cardiac and cardiac transplant pathology. The laboratory reviews more than 2200 cardiovascular specimens each year, including cardiomyopathy and post-transplant heart biopsies, hearts and cardiac valve explants, aneurysms, and biopsies of blood vessels. There is also extensive experience in the pathology of congenital heart diseases.

The faculty includes Charles Marboe, M.D. and Matthias Szabolcs, M.D.

In addition to diagnostic cardiac pathology, the faculty is actively involved in research projects. Major areas of interest include cardiac transplant pathology, non-invasive monitoring of post-transplant status, evaluation of experimental drug and stem cell therapies for cardiac allograft rejection, myocardial infarcts and arrhythmias in animal models, and the molecular biology of cardiovascular development and heart failure.

Columbia University
Department of Pathology
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Columbia University
Department of Pathology
630 W. 168th Street
New York, NY 10032

The New York Presbyterian Hospital
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