Graduate Doctoral Programs

Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate training in one of the natural or physical sciences, including one year each of general chemistry, organic chemistry, general physics, biology, and calculus.
  • Letters of recommendation from three former instructors
  • A personal interview, if possible.
  • An essay prepared by the student
  • Graduate Record Examination Aptitude scores (advanced test in biology, biochemistry or chemistry is recommended, but not required)
  • Test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL) for all foreign students.
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Administration Contacts

  • Ms. Zaia Sivo
    Department of Pathology
    & Cell Biology

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    Tel: 212 305-8393
    Fax: 212 342-5498

  • Office of Graduate Affairs
    HHSC Room 205
    701 W. 168th Street
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    Tel: 212 305-8058
    Fax: 212 305-1031
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