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The Department of Pathology and Cell Biology is both a clinical and basic science department dedicated to clinical care, education and research. Our diverse faculty teach in all phases of medical school instruction. Our faculty instruct in the Fundamentals curriculum that includes Histology, Gross Anatomy, Human Development and Basic Pathology. During the clinical years we teach Clinical Pathology and Advanced Pathophysiology. The Department has a deep commitment to teaching for all of our students in the MD, DDS and PhD programs.



Clinical Gross Anatomy

The Clinical Gross Anatomy course is divided into three blocks each with a series of anatomical lectures, dissection laboratories and non-dissection small group exercises.  Each block ends with a written and practical examination.  The first block introduces the basic principles of Gross Anatomy using the upper limb, back and lower limb as a paradigm.  The second block focuses entirely on the head and neck.  The thorax, abdomen and pelvis will be studied during the third block.

The goal of Clinical Gross Anatomy is for student physicians to acquire the knowledge and language of Anatomy necessary to practice medicine and facilitate discussion of problems and medical findings among colleagues.  Anatomy is taught using different methods that emphasize concepts, not memorization, as well as an appreciation of the association between structure and function.  Students learn Anatomy through dissection, discussion of clinical cases, palpation, and examination of prosected materials, radiographs and cross-sectional images.  Clinicians are involved both in and out of the dissection laboratory and reinforce Anatomy through Radiology, Surgery and clinical procedures.

Pathology faculty:
Paulette Bernd, PhD (course director)
Philip Brandt, PhD
Anette Wu, MD/MPH

College of Dental Medicine faculty:
Steven Erde, PhD/MD
Alfonso Solimene, PhD

Adjunct faculty:
Rita Carney, MD
Anthony D'Antoni, DO/PhD
Mark Erlich, MD
Warren Widmann, MD
Takeshi Sakurai, PhD

Molecular Mechanisms and The Body in Health and Disease

The other courses in the first year medical curriculum are: Molecular Mechanisms and the
Body in Health and Disease. The faculty of The Department of Pathology and Cell Biology contribute to these courses as well.

Molecular Mechanisms is a course that consists of multiple basic science components. Two of these, Histology and Basic Pathology, are taught by faculty members of The Department of Pathology and Cell Biology. Tissues structure is analyzed in Histology, while tissue injury, inflammation, and neoplasia are covered in Basic Pathology.

Pathology Faculty:
Patrice Spitalnik
Jay Lefkowitch
Charles Marboe
Istvan Boldough
Alcmene Chalazonitis

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