Neuropathology Fellowships


This program, accredited by the American Board of Pathology, qualifies candidates for Board certification in neuropathology and prepares them for academic careers in diagnostic neuropathology and research. Fellows spend two years in the Division of Neuropathology. The Division examines all nervous system tissues from autopsies at the Columbia campus of the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Babies’ Hospital, and the New York Neurological Institute. This large and varied volume of material is supplemented by brains sent to Columbia for consultation, particularly in the areas of Parkinson’s disease, dementing disorders, and other neurodegenerative diseases.

There is a large volume of neurosurgical specimens, about 1,700 per year. These also are varied, and include tumors, brain biopsies for degenerative diseases, and muscle and nerve biopsies. Fellows examine all specimens and sign out with an attending physician.

Teaching conferences are held regularly, including weekly brain cuttings, weekly microscopic conferences to review surgical and autopsy cases with all of the staff, monthly neurosurgical conferences, muscle biopsy reviews and CPCs. Neuropathology fellows, along with residents from Pathology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, organize and present material at most of the conferences. Centralized departmental laboratories for electron microscopy and immunocytochemistry facilitate the use of these techniques for studying specimens. Fellows will receive training in EM and immunocytochemical techniques.

In general, fellows will be expected to spend much of the first year in clinical studies. The second year should be spent in investigative work, in affiliation with a faculty member.

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