Faculty Positions

The Columbia University Department of Pathology and Cell Biology represents a recent merger of Pathology and Anatomy and Cell Biology. Each department has had a long-standing interest in the biology of the cell, with a particularly distinguished tradition in neurobiology, cell migration and division, and membrane dynamics. The Division of Cell and Molecular Biology is located within the merged department in the Physicians and Surgeons Building. In addition to the core of cell biologists at this site, there is a more extensive and highly interactive cell biology community in the department's Cancer Institute and throughout Columbia, as listed below.

Division of Cell and Molecular Biology

Cytokinesis in C. elegans
Role of phosphoinositides in synaptic vesicle
Neural stem cell biology in developing
and adult brain
Death and differentiation pathways in neurons
Signalling pathways for cell migration
and polarization
mRNA localization and translation in neurons
Cytoskeletal linker proteins in the nervous system
Mitotic motors and checkpoint proteins
Neuronal pathfinding in the visual pathway
Mitochondrial organogenesis in yeast
Signalling pathways in neurodegeneration
Motor proteins in cell division
and neural stem cell migration
Motor neuronogenesis in vitro and in vivo

Cancer Institute

Role of BRCA genes in breast cancer

Joint and Extradepartmental Appointments

Microtubules in cell migration
Frederick Chang
Mechanism of cytokinesis
and polarization in yeast
Michael Sheetz
Biophysical approaches to cell migration
Elizabeth Miller
Vesicular trafficking in yeast
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