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Dr. Carol Mason Shares the 2016 Antonio Champalimaud Vision Award with Three Others

September 08, 2016

Dr. Carol Mason has shared the 2016 Antonio Champalimaud Vision Award with Dr. John Flanagan (Harvard Medical School), Dr. Christine Holt (Cambridge University) and Carla Shatz (Stanford). The award, from the Portugal based Champolimaud Foundation, recognizes contributions to vision research (in even-numbered years) and vision saving efforts based in communities (in odd-numbered years). The 2016 award went to Dr. Mason and the other researchers for work that has illuminated our understanding of the way in which our eyes send signals to the appropriate areas of the brain. The citation stated: “This work may offer hope of fighting vision disorders by means of neurological therapies.”

For more information, please click the following links: (Champalimaud Foundation)  (Columbia Zuckerman Institute)

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