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Dr. Eldad Hod Awarded Taub MRI Platform Seed Grant Funding

December 12, 2016

Dr. Eldad HodAssociate Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, Dr. Eldad Hod, was awarded a Taub Institute MRI Platform seed grant to perform initial fMRI and neurocognitive studies for his jointly funded R01 study with Dr. Steven Spitalnik, “Red blood cells from iron-deficient donors: recovery and storage quality”.  The total award includes 10 1-hour scans and $5,000 for analytic support, and was announced in late November 2016.  

The Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer ’s Disease and the Aging Brain recently established the MRI Platform to fund small pilot imaging studies in humans and mice in an effort to provide support and expertise based on the Taub Institute’s research and clinical interests.  Eligible candidates were CUMC faculty and postdoctoral fellows, and the award was announced by Dr. Yaakov Stern of the Sergievsky Center, Taub Institute.  Congratulations to Dr. Hod and his colleagues for this achievement!


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