A consistent leader in funded research support, the Department of Pathology & Cell Biology faculty research activities span a broad range of areas including cellular and molecular neurobiology, oncology, neurodegenerative diseases, cell motility, stem cell biology, virology, and biochemical and molecular pathology. As the only department at Columbia that is both a basic science department and a clinical department, we offer exceptional opportunities for translational research. Our research efforts benefit from the ready availability of well-characterized diseased tissues that are examined and stored by our clinical services.

In addition to a large and well equipped basic science and clinical faculty, the Department is closely associated with a number of Research Centers, as shown in the adjacent box. The Department actively recruits talented faculty and students. We are proud of our new Ph.D program in Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine which has recently received support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. It allows Ph.D students to be introduced to the biology of disease and to important clinical research problems. The Department is also the administrative home to the Columbia University Medical Center’s MD/Ph.D program and to a large pan university Ph.D program called The Integrative Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Department of Pathology & Cell Biology

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