Molecular Diagnostics: General Information

Residency & Fellowship Programs: CP Rotations

Molecular Pathology Lab Director:

Dr. Mahesh Mansukhani

Lab Location

P&S 17-401

Recommended Rotation Length

4 Weeks

General Aims

The goal is to get hands-on experience in using routine molecular pathology techniques as well as in the interpretation of test results. Participation in setting up new diagnostic tests is strongly encouraged.

It is best to meet with Dr. Mansukhani the week before the rotation starts.

Resident Responsibilities

  1. Weekly review of results of clonality testing. Confirm assay validity, look up flow cytometry and morphologic studies, and previous test results, interpret new results and discuss them with the lab director.
  2. Review and interpret current and/or previous southern blot results for Fragile X syndrome, Prader–Willi, and Angelman–syndromes.
  3. Review and interpret current and/or previous results for Factor V and prothrombin mutations.
  4. Obtain answers to syllabus questions and go over them with the lab director.
  5. Assist with confirming specimen set–up for high–risk HPV testing.
  6. Discuss with lab director how to make the website better for future residents.

Things To Do On Your First Day

Meet with Mahesh Mansukhani, and laboratory personnel: Jingyao Zhong, Magdalena Stwora-Wojicek, and Anamaria Krull.


Administration Contacts

  • Ms. Casey Schadie

    Coordinator, Residency Training Program
    Department of
    Pathology & Cell Biology

    Columbia University College of
    Physicians & Surgeons

    630 W. 168th Street
    New York, NY 10032
    Tel: 212 305-5697
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